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Where did it come from / What is ICO for?

In summary, ICO is the offering of tokens / coins created by icodroid in exchange for financial values, generally based on bitcoin, ethereum, waves and tether.

ICO is defined as public fundraising, with the consideration of issuing virtual assets, also known as tokens or coins, from the investing public.

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Our icodroid Mission

We are using the power of blockchain to monetize the global digital economy so that everyone has an opportunity in the globalized world.

Helping everyone to live according to their own terms, our investment platform is allowing people to adopt their entrepreneurial spirit and find new ways to interact in the evolving world, come and participate, have an eagle vision.


Virtual office and investment platform


Token Sale

All purchases made over 10,000 icodroid, receive free license to use our bot for one year and free fee in the same period.

Token Name: icodroid
Token Platform: WAVES
Max. Supply (Hard Cap): 120,000,000
Available for Purchase: 20,000,000
Pre-Sale 25 June - 2021: 60% OFF, 1 icodroid ~ 0.000000
Main ICO 25 July – 25 August 2021: 30% bonus, 1 icodroid ~ 0.000000
Minimum Purchase icodroid 5000
Emission: Not reissuable

Daily return on invested capital graph

Result of the daily bonuses paid according to the invested capital, the value of the result will be between 0.3 to 3.0% of the invested value.


Company Roadmap

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June 2021

Start of investment platform activities and start of sale of the ico of our icodroid currency.

July 2021

Start of our bot's activities at the exchange Binance.

July 2021

Beginning of the main phase of the coin offering.

September 2021

Investment in other currencies on the icodroid, WAVES, Ethereum, USDT, LTC, BCH platform

Ask Anything

Common questions

Below you will find the answers to the main questions related to investment and products of the icodroid platform

1) What is the minimum investment value on the icodroid platform?
The platform has four (4) initial investment plans in BTC with the values ​​of 100.00 - 500.00 - 1000.00 and 3000.00 respectively. Join our ICO, see on the website the launch values ​​of the icodroid currency.
2) How long will my investment be retained?
Investment terms are 30, 90, 180 and 360 days, the longer the term, the greater the daily reward on invested capital. Bonuses will be available for sale and redemption every day.
3) What bonuses do I receive?
There are three (3) types of bonuses on the platform, the first is the Referral Bonus which is paid in up to five (5) levels of depth, the percentage in the levels varies according to the capital invested and can reach up to ten (10)% of capital. The main one is the Daily Bonus which can pay from 0.3 to 3.0% per day on the invested capital. The career plan will pay prizes up to 500,000 icodroid.
4) What is a guaranteed repurchase?
icodroid guarantees the repurchase of all icodroid that you receive as a bonus, the repurchase amounts are limited to 84% of the investment amounts made by your direct referrals. To qualify for a repurchase, at least one (1) direct referral is required in the month. You can request a repurchase every day, limited to the minimum amount of $ 50.00.
5) What guarantees do my investment have?
You receive an equal amount of value in icodroid for each application made on the platform, after the investment term you can exchange the guarantee's icodroid for the same currency of your investment, if you sell the guarantee's icodroid within the DEX, you will daily bonuses and you can still redeem your capital at the end of the term using the bonuses as a guarantee return.
6) How do you value the icodroid currency?
icodroid has a constant valuation made by the virtual office independent of the market, this value of the virtual office is the value used for repurchase, but within, the value of icodroid is linked to the appreciation of the Waves currency and can be sold at DEX of
7) What is the icodroid Bot?
Bot icodroid is the main product of our platform, uses concepts of artificial intelligence to maximize the gains of trades made on the platform of Binance, it is foreseen, launch of the first version for 06/25/2021.
8) How can I use the icodroid Bot?
After the launch you will be able to acquire access to the Bot, the usage plans will be available at the virtual office and can be paid for at icodroid.
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